September 25

My New Business Card Design. Can I Get Some Opinions, Please?

Mark Zuckerberg Business Card

In my opinion, at least, any real business has a calling card. It’s sometimes the first (and possibly last) impression a potential client will get about you or your business, so it has to present you at your best. I can’t help but wonder what kinds of reactions Mark Zuckerberg, the creator and owner of Facebook, receives when he presents his to someone. Notice the blue bar on the bottom? I would be willing to wager that it’s the exact shade of blue that Facebook uses; most likely trademarked, too. And in case your wondering, it really is his business card.

I haven’t bought any in a while, so I wanted to make this batch special. Down with the plain, white has-card of yesteryear! 🙂 After slaving for almost 2 weeks over the final layout, I was able to come up with a fairly simple, but attractive design that I very much like.

The most important feature I was looking for was the visual design, itself, of course. I am a very creative person, by nature, and very visual oriented, too, so I definitely wanted it to be original, eye-popping and memorable.

Secondly, and I still don’t care what anyone else thinks, I LOVE dark designs, and I kept with that theme, as well. If you like my blog design, then you’ll probably like my initial card design, too.

Third, I have a number of skills that I market separately, so I needed a way of using every inch of real-estate on each of the business cards. I toyed briefly with the idea of a slightly larger-than-average card size, and even a few tent-shaped ones, but I just couldn’t get past the odd shapes. In the end, I decided to use the standard-sized cards, but I will be ordering several different designs for each of my businesses.

Lastly, I needed the card to be sturdy. As a general rule, a flimsy card gets thrown away pretty quickly, and I wanted people to keep my cards around, if nothing else because of the artistic value. You never know when that card they got 6 months ago all of the sudden winds up coming in handy, right? To combat this, I will be ordering a special coating on them that will make them virtually water- and tear-resistant.

The pic below shows the designs on both sides, and they are what I came up with to showcase both my personal and main business websites on a single card, utilizing both the back and the front. The final product will have a metallic platinum finish but, unfortunately, it kind of blurs some of the text in the images below. I have talked to the printer, and he assures me that the actual cards, however, will not be blurry like the pics, and will be easy to read. I’m trusting him for a small batch first to verify that, and if all goes well I will be ordering a batch of 5,000 to start me out. I can’t wait!

And this is where you guys come in, if you don’t mind: I would deeply appreciate any opinions, suggestions, critiques, etc., as in the end, it really doesn’t matter what I like if the people receiving the cards aren’t impressed right away.




EDIT: Received my new business cards today and they are the FO-SHIZZLE! I couldn’t be more pleased. The font is a bit hard to read (no fault of the printer, though), so for my next order I will be increasing the font by one size and changing the light gray text to white. Other than those 2 slight improvements, I can’t wait to start passing these suckers out to people.

So what does everyone think? Any other designs you think I might be interested in? Want to share some pics of some extreme designs you’ve found? Let me know in a comment below.

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  1. By Mey Lau on

    A keeper and memorable. I am struggling with the use of dark colors but in this case the choice of font overcomes the darkness of the card.

  2. By Bradley Anderson on

    Thank you for your kind words, Mey. I appreciate your insight. BTW, I just looked at your blog, as well, and I am very impressed. I have bookmarked it so I can peruse your pages as I get time. Thanks, again. – Brad


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