September 9

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

fancy red guppyI finally remembered that my brother’s Guppy website needed a huge make-over because the theme was sadly out-of-date and insecure. To be absolutely honest, I was never was a big fan of it aesthetically from the start, but my but my brother seemed to like it well enough.

Right away, Aron and I were able to find an awesome underwater-inspired theme that was amazing out-of-the-box, and with the proper customization it turned out great. Then my friend Big Gee suggested adding background aquarium sounds, which also was a great addition. I couldn’t have been any happier, but Tony didn’t seem quite so pleased about this one although, to be fair, he had just been in a fairly severe accident that morning on the way to work so I’m sure he was still hurting and hyped up on the medication.

The only thing I wasn’t super pleased with was the ‘brand imaging’ that needs to be happening in a graphic sense, so I will ask my friend Jay of to do both the header logo and the 300×250 ‘for sale sign’ for ASA Guppies. He’s about the most talented graphic artist I know of (among many other things), and I would highly recommend any of his works to anyone at any time. He’s also a really cool guy, as well.

Now I need to get the Paypal widget installed for his store, and begin planning a monetization strategy.

I still need to get the rest of the electronic cigarettes reviews done. I finally got the Eversmoke review finished, and then noticed later on that I still have a few more paragraphs I need to include about the various flavors to even everything out. Everything should be good with them once I complete that small task.. Then I’ll be able to re-do the ‘basic’ posts for the site. I think that’s about it, after that, thank God!

The Ecigs Today make-over is going much faster than I anticipated, and looks great. Now I just need to get the OptinSkin shortcode working in both spots and I’m in like Flynt! I finally figured out an easier (and less intrusive) way of adding the subscription form that I needed, too. I’m just redirecting now to a page that I set up, which I can use to embed the OptinSkin shortcode. That makes problem solved for that lil’ glitch.

One small reminder, though: I need to change all outward-bound links on review pages to rel=’nofollow’. This is also a tip I received that I know is Google-certified.

I received another payment from Smoketip this month that, once again, has gotten eaten up by Paypal fees both coming and going. I think I’m going to write to Smoketip again and tell them that I, for one, would much rather receive a paper check (like all the other ecig sites pay with). Oh, wait! I forgot the infamous behemoth Green Smoke, of course! I haven’t made a sale for them in a few years, I think. 😀 I did at first for a few months, but then somehow Smoketip too right off almost as soon as I added the review. And it hasn’t slowed down since! In fact, it actually keeps growing, not the mention that a fairly high percentage of customers also come back each month for their cartridge refills, which I only make $3.99 each of, but every little bit in the pot helps, is my overall strategy on most occasions.

And last but very important: I learned that Google recommends adding the ‘www’ to the domain name, so I have gone back to all my sites and made that change. It will mess up my SEO for a bit, but eventually it will come back and hopefully make things work even better.

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